Parent Information Center staff

Parent Information Center

We open LATE on Friday, 11/16/2018.
We will open at 1:00pm (instead of 10:00am) for staff training.

About Us

The Parent Information Center (PIC) guides families through the process of registering students for school, and helps families find local resources and services necessary to support their child's education and development throughout their lives. PIC staff members speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, and French. The Parent Information Center Director is Regina BertholdoYou can reach us by phone at (617) 625-6600, x6962.

The Parent Information Center (PIC) provides the following services to families in Somerville and the Somerville Public Schools:

  • New Student Registration
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • Nurse review and assistance obtaining medical registration information
  • Intra-District Transfer Requests
  • Information about Parent Workshops and Support Groups
  • Additional services include Bilingual Services as well as Parent/Guardian outreach
  • Referral to Mass Health/Children's Medical Plan Insurance

The Somerville Public Schools is committed to having all activities in all schools accessible to all students, parents/guardians and community members.  Click here for details on accessibility.

School Registration

The Somerville Public Schools has a basic process for registering new students in grades K-12 that is compliant with Massachusetts General Law. Additional information and paperwork is needed to register students in high school and pre-kindergarten .

The Somerville Public Schools uses a controlled choice student assignment plan to place students in any of the schools across the City. Controlled choice means parents/guardians have the option of registering their student in any school in the Somerville. When an elementary grade student is registered for school, her/his parent/guardian is able to choose five potential school placements for their young person. Every effort is made for students to be assigned in either their first, second, third, fourth or fifth choice placement based on several factors, including the current enrollment of the school, class sizes, their need for special education or English language learner services, and whether or not they have a sibling in the school. 

Office Hours

School Year Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Fridays from 10:00am to 4:00 pm.
Summer Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Contact Information

Address: 42 Prescott Street; Somerville, MA 02143
Phone: (617) 625-6600, x6962
Fax: (617) 629-5673

PIC Staff:

  • Regina Bertholdo: Parent Information Center Director, Student Assignment Officer, Multilingual Services Coordinator, District Homeless Liaison (speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Rosie Federico: PIC Secretary (speaks English, Spanish)
  • Jenny Ipuz-Cantalupa: Homeless Education Liaison (speaks English, Spanish)
  • Marjorie Alexander: Parent Liaison (speaks English, Haitian Creole, French)
  • Thais Dumay: Parent Liaison (speaks English, Portuguese)
  • Karla Cabrera: Parent Liaison (speaks English, Spanish)
  • Herenia Hernandez: Parent Liaison (speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese)