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Payment Methods

Paying for Afterschool Services

  • Somerville Community Schools FAQ with Sliding Scale Information
  • Afterschool fees are collected weekly by the school-based Afterschool Site Coordinator.
  • You can also send a check or money order to the Community Schools main office (167 Holland Street, Somerville, MA 02144).
  • If you know how much you owe for afterschool services you can pay online using our secure, online banking provider, unibank. Please select "Community Schools" transaction in the menu on the left-hand side of the page. Then select the name of the afterschool program your child attends, and then follow the instructions!

Scholarships and Subsidies

Financial assistance is available for families that qualify.  Apply for funding within the program using the Financial Assistance Application Forms, or through a voucher or subsidy funded by the Early Education and Care Department of Massachusetts. Newly expanded sliding scale fees for this fall.

Financial Assistance Application Forms: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole

Fees for 2018-2019

A newly expanded sliding fee scale in 2018-2019 makes afterschool programming more accessible to families. Income levels have been increased to better align with affordable housing guidelines and expand access to more families. If you didn't qualify before, you may qualify for some type of reduced rate now, based on the number of family members and your monthly family income. We encourage you to apply or contact our office to learn more (617) 625-6600, x6970.

PreKindergarten After School Program

Maximum Weekly Cost is $150.00. Financial assistance is available on a sliding scale. Please see the FAQ with Sliding Scale Information above to learn more. 5 day option only for this program.

K-5 After School Program

Maximum Weekly Cost is $140.00. Financial assistance is available on a sliding scale. Please see the FAQ with Sliding Scale Information above to learn more.
4 days $130
3 days $110
5 days required for certain Kindergarten classrooms.
Childcare Choices of Boston (ABCD) vouchers are accepted.  If your family is not eligible for a voucher or is on the EEC waiting list, families are encouraged to apply for scholarship assistance (see forms under "Scholarships and Subsidies" above).