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Take free online tests on this site.
Cost: Free
Format: Online (self-paced)
Courses: Practice tests in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies
Comments: While there isn't much here in the way of instruction, the practice tests will be useful for anyone planning to take the GED.  

Exercises and lessons.  If you can't solve a problem, you're told which lesson to review.  


This site contains an article about what to do after obtaining a GED.  

This Web site provides valuable information focusing on "self-help" in your test preparation. It will help you structure and complete your test preparation and learn how to create a more open, relaxed format for test taking. The site will also help you make the diversity in learning styles a strength rather than a weakness. See how the best teacher is the person who knows you best- YOU!  

Good online practice in all the testing areas


Contains practice in essay and paragraph writing.   


Lots of interactive tasks in reading, writing, math, vocabulary, and general learning.

The GED Connection

Five free learning modules, 10 practice tests, 30 activities quizzes


GED Prep at Free-Ed.Net  

Free, online real-time or asynchronous GED preparation lessons and sample exam questions. A complete 74-unit GED Prep curriculum.


Amby's GED Prep
This site helps users prepare for the GED by learning how to take tests, and learning more about the specific subjects that will be tested.
Cost: Free
Format: Online (self-paced)
Courses: Test-Taking Skills, GED Test Prep, Grammar, Writing Timed Essays, Basic Math, Science, Vocabulary, and many others
Comments: This is one of the best Web sites to begin figuring out the GED. Find many resources for more information.
This service provides practice on the kind of reading, thinking, and problem-solving skills students will need to pass the GED test. The site also sells preparation materials for a fee.
Cost: Free
Format: Online (self-paced)
Courses: Language Arts, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading
Comments: Once you register for the service, you can view the practice questions. The site includes answers and explanations.


GED Online - Prepare for the GED Test Online

GED Testing Service   Daily Grammar sends e-mail messages with a grammar lesson five days of the week and a quiz on the sixth day.   A Word A Day: Teaches a new word each day