Team Meeting Process

The Annual Review Process

Preparing for the meeting:

At least two months before the current IEP expires, the liaison should send a TEAM MEETING INVITATION to the parents/guardians and all service providers who are listed on the SERVICE DELIVERY of the IEP. If the most recent home language tracking form indicates the need for an interpreter, the INTERPRETER REQUEST form should be completed and sent to the special education office so that an interpreter will be available at the team meeting. The Principal of the student's school and a regular education teacher at the student's grade level should be included on the invitation. Any outside agencies that are involved should be invited to the team meeting at the discretion of the parent.

At the meeting:

The liaison acts as the chairperson at the team meeting. Start the meeting on time and have everyone at the table introduce themselves Have everyone in attendance initial the TEAM MEETING ATTENDANCE form, even if the parent does not attend. Complete the TEAM MEMBER EXCUSAL FROM MEETING form and have the parent/guardian sign it. This gives the team permission to proceed without members that were listed on the attendance sheet. Give each person who completed an assessment an opportunity to give their assessment.

Wrapping up the meeting:

Team members must decide what services will be included on the new IEP. The chairperson will complete the TEAM MEETING SUMMARY and SERVICE DELIVERY grid and give a copy to the parent along with the procedural safeguards. A service that was on the current IEP cannot be terminated without either the permission of the parent or a new assessment recommendation. No new service can be recommended at the annual review without an assessment being completed that indicates the need for the service.

An UNSCHEDULED EVALUATION form should be completed if a new service is being requested. Upon signed permission from the Director of Special Education, the liaison should complete the EVALUATION ASSESSMENT REQUEST so that parent consent can be sought.

Have the parent sign the PLACEMENT form (PL1) at the meeting.

Within two days of the annual review meeting, all service providers goals should be typed into EasyIEP along with PLEP A being completed by academic providers and PLEP B being completed by support service providers. Dates from the end of one IEP to the beginning of another should be continuous so that there is no disruption between the end of one IEP and the beginning of another.

The liaison is responsible for completing the rest of the IEP and sending two copies to the parent along with the NI (NOTICE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT ACTION) within two days after the team meeting. An updated HOME LANGUAGE TRACKING form should be completed at every annual review until the parent is no longer requesting interpretation or translation. An updated TRANSPORTATION form should be updated at the annual review for those special education students who receive transportation as part of their IEP. When the IEP is signed and returned by the parent, it should be submitted to the special education office immediately. The

Role of the Liaison:

See that the student's IEP is being fully implemented. Be aware of the home language tracking form and whether or not an interpreter is necessary when communicating with the parent or if documents need to be translated. Reconvene the team at the request of team members to discuss issues that may arise with the student's progress. Complete an annual review, starting two months before the IEP expires. Complete a REQUEST FOR CONSULTATION form if the team needs assistance in implementing the student's IEP effectively. Submit any requests for assessments outside the three-year re-evaluation process by submitting an UNSCHEDULED EVALUATION form. Submit an EVALUATION ASSESSMENT REQUEST form at least three months before the due date for the student's three year re-evaluation. Act as the team chairperson for the three-year re-evaluation.

The Role of the Service Provider:

Submit your assessment by the due date listed on the EVALUATION ASSESSMENT REQUEST form, Page 2. Attend the team meeting and present your assessment to the team. At the team meeting, be prepared to give a general overview of what your goals for the IEP will be. Within, 48 hours after the team meeting, type your goals and benchmarks into EasyIEP. For academic services, service provider should complete PLEP A on the IEP. For support services, service provider should complete PLEP B on the IEP. Start providing services to the student as soon as you have been informed that the parent has signed the IEP.

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