District Improvement Plan

The District Improvement Plan is the two-year plan that structures continuous improvement in the Somerville Public Schools.  The District Improvement Plan is also called the School Committee Goals or the DIP. Click on the any of the goals below to learn more about the strategies being implemented to achieve these goals.  Details about strategies for achieving the Long Range Goals (marked with an asterisk *) of the District are integrated into the District Improvement Plan.

Achieve and sustain the highest levels of student achievement.

  • Strategy 1.1: Develop and implement a comprehensive, District-wide literacy plan.
  • Strategy 1.2: Meet AYP goals in Mathematics
  • Strategy 1.3: Expand the appropriate inclusion of students receiving special education benefits in the general education.*
  • Strategy 1.4: Reintroduce foreign language instruction in elementary grades.*
  • Strategy 1.5: Expand middle grades rigor and relevance.*
  • Strategy 1.6: Develop an organized, consistent, accessible, curriculum-linked but not curriculum-driven voluntary after-school learning program for elementary students which (a) complements the school day, (b) provides students with opportunities to expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes through high quality, developmentally appropriate academic enrichment activities, and (c) fulfills some needs of parents/guardians by providing homework help and a safe and secure after-school environment.*
  • Strategy 1.7: Increase high school course and grade passage rates.
  • Strategy 1.8: Improve student transition from high school to post-secondary activities or alternative placements.
  • Strategy 1.9: Enhance and improve the use of technology for instructional purposes.
  • Strategy 1.10: Continue to improve local formative and summative assessment program.
  • Strategy 1.11: Improve and expand opportunities for parents/guardians and families to engage in school-based activities that support their student's learning and development.
  • Strategy 1.12: Participate in planning and pilot implementation of "Mystic Children's Village".
  • Strategy 1.13: Facilitate the unification of the Healey School and the Choice Program.
  • Strategy 1.14: Continue to improve English language learner achievement through ongoing staff professional development relative to training staff in ELL (English Language Learners) instructional strategies to meet category training requirements of Department of ESE (Elementary and Secondary Education)
Enhance and sustain safe and healthy learning environments.
  • Strategy 2.1: Implement zero tolerance for bullying campaigns in every school.
  • Strategy 2.2: Implement data-driven curriculum for middle grades Drug and Alcohol instruction to complement Second Step/Open Circle/Al's Pals.
  • Strategy 2.3 Utilize student and staff survey data (My Voice) to set goals for improvements in school culture.
  • Strategy 2.4: Develop and implement consistent and appropriate disciplinary consequences that minimize loss of learning time.
  • Strategy 2.5: Continue to promote Shape Up Somerville improvements using data from SPS Wellness Survey and best practices in the field, including promotion of healthy eating through food service activities and increasing opportunities for physical activity.

Maintain a highly effective workforce.

  • Strategy 3.1: Increase diversity among staff and developing greater multicultural understanding.*
  • Strategy 3.2: Maximize staffing plan.
  • Strategy 3.3: Continue to improve staff recruitment efforts.
  • Strategy 3.4: Continue to improve staff retention efforts.
  • Strategy 3.5: Strengthen alignment of Professional Development program and new teacher mentoring program with District and School improvement goals.

Maintain efficient and effective facilities and operations.

  • Strategy 4.1: Continue to expand competitive purchasing.
  • Strategy 4.2: Develop budget that addresses district needs.
  • Strategy 4.3: Complete move of Central Administrative Offices to 42 Cross Street.
  • Strategy 4.4: Review current use and plan for future use of facilities, including Central SCALE and Community Schools facilities.
  • Strategy 4.5: Continue to improve public information flow regarding SPS activities and initiatives using methods and media in use by our target audiences.

Monitor the East Somerville Community School reconstruction project and maintain the East Somerville Community School community at temporary locations at the Edgerly and Cummings schools

  • Strategy 5.1 Monitor and contribute to activities related to the ESCS renovation project plan.
  • Strategy 5.2 Maintain instructional integrity at all ESCS temporary sites.
  • Strategy 5.3 Maintain a sense of whole school community through school and family events.
  • Strategy 5.4 Engage and keep school community informed of reconstruction activities.

If you want more detailed information about the District Improvement Plan please download the attached PDF version of the project management grid. This is updated approximately quarterly.