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"Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times." -- unknown


 Somerville SPED PAC 2015-2017 Officers

Debby Higgins, PAC Coordinator

Debbie Doyle, Co-Chairperson

Bev Schwartz, Co-Chairperson

Rosemary McDonough, Secretary

This is a great tool for parents to navigate the Special Education world. We hope you find the information helpful. Please feel free to contact the SPED PAC with information or resources that you would like to share. Click on the logo above to join the on-line parent resource group through yahoo groups.

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Upcoming Events


Accepting the Challenge:

Effective Strategies for Students with Anxiety-Related Behavior By Jessica Minahan, M.Ed, BCBA

June 1st, 6:30 pm Kennedy School Library

This workshop will help participants be able to

easily implement preventive tools, strategies, and

interventions for reducing anxiety, increasing selfregulation,

executive functioning, and selfmonitoring

for their child/student.


For more information or to register for the workshop contact Debby Higgins, PAC Coordinator at

dhiggins@k12.somerville.ma.us  or 617-625-6600 ext. 6829

Pou plis enfòmasyon oubyen pou enskri pou atelye a kontakte Debby Higgins SPED PAC Kowòdinatè nan 617-625-6600 ext 6829 or dhiggins@k12.somerville.ma.us

Para mais informação ou para se inscrever contate Debby Higgins, Coordenadora SPED PAC, 617-625-6600 ramal 6829 ou dhiggins@k12.somerville.ma.us

Para obtener más información o para inscribirse en el taller debe comunicarse con Debby Higgins Coordinador de SPED  PAC en tel. 617-625-6600 ext. 6829 o dhiggins@k12.somerville.ma.us