Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Teacher in an elementary classroom with four studentsCurriculum (what we teach), instruction (how we teach) and assessment (how we know students are learning) are at the heart of the Somerville Public Schools. Explore these pages to learn more about our

instructional philosophies and resources and to connect to online services to help you as a student, parent/guardian or member of our teaching team.

The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment team is led by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Vince McKay and Uri Harel.

About Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Under the leadership of Assistant Superintendent Dr. Vince McKay, the Somerville Public Schools offer the following services in curriculum, instruction and assessment across Grades PreK-12.

  • A wide variety of subjects and course offerings in core content subjects (English, Math, Social Studies and Science) and specialist subjects (Art, Music, Library/Media Studies, Health/Physical Education and World Languages)
  • Updated textbooks and instructional materials to support subjects and course offerings
  • Significant emphasis on research, critical thinking and problem solving across all subjects
  • After-school programs that provide enrichment activities aligned with school system objectives
  • Local assessment programs for each student in Grades 1-8
  • State testing programs in Grades 3-8, 10
  • A year-round schedule of professional development for our teachers to enhance skills

Classroom instruction is closely aligned with efforts in the Special Education Department, English Language Learners Department, Office of Community Schools and Guidance and Testing Department to ensure students have the individual attention and the time they need to maximize their potential.

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