Welcome to the History and Social Studies Department

Summer Reading for 2018-2019 AP Social Studies Courses

Students taking AP classes in the Social Studies for the 2018-2019 school year are expected to complete summer reading assignments.  Students can find the assignments by using their school accounts to sign up on Google Classroom.  If students have questions, email the appropriate teachers directly.

AP US History – use code rdfnkf.  Teachers: Ms. Santos asantos@k12.somerville.ma.us; Ms. Eustis seustis@k12.somerville.ma.us

AP World History – use code k0ma6xp.  Teachers: Ms. Massillon cmassillon@k12.somerville.ma.us; Mr. Blake tblake@k12.somerville.ma.us

AP Psychology  - use code yemvwa6.  Teacher: Ms. O’Connor boconnor@k12.somerville.ma.us

AP Government and Politics – use code uuf1i2f.  Teacher: Mr. Contreras ccontreras@k12.somerville.ma.us

Meet the Faculty

Portrait of staff member Cara Aloe

Clair Aloe

B.A. in Secondary Education and History; Boston College; M.Ed. in Moderate Special Needs Education from Boston College (Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars program)

Ms. Aloe came to Somerville High School in 2012. She is teaching World History, Sheltered World History, and Sheltered US History I. She also coaches the school's Mock Trial Team.   In addition to majoring in Secondary Education and History, Ms. Aloe minored in African and African Diaspora Studies. She spent a semester in Ghana, where she taught middle school students in an urban mission school.  Her love of travel has also taken her to, among other places, Turkey, Greece, Belize, and Malta. She is a big fan of Improv Comedy. In college she participated in a Murder mystery comedy club.

Portrait of staff member Ted Blake

Ted Blake

B.A.S.  History and Journalism, University of Connecticut; M.A.T. Tufts University

Mr. Blake has taught full time at SHS since 2008. He currently teaches World History, Current Events, and AP US History. Mr. Blake is the coach of the Ultimate Frisbee Team and the Trivia Team. Outside of school he loves to play sports, in particular basketball, football, Frisbee, and sailing. He is also an avid reader, writer and traveler. He writes for local and community newspapers and has visited five countries and twenty-eight states since he started teaching at SHS.

Portrait of staff member Kara Carpenter

Kara Carpenter

B.A. in History and Secondary Education, Lesley University

Ms. Carpenter has taught at SHS since 2008. She teaches U.S.  History I and is the advisor of the Green Club and the Garden Club.  Ms. Carpenter is also the Recycling Coordinator at SHS and is part of the 9th  grade cluster program. She is an avid traveler and studied abroad at Lorenzo di Medici in Florence, Italy, where she studied world history and politics. When not teaching, advising or traveling, Ms. Carpenter spends time outdoors and enjoys camping, yoga, visiting museums, food (cooking and eating), and playing and coaching volleyball. She is currently the JV Girl's Volleyball coach at Winchester High School.

Portrait of staff member David DiPietro

David DiPietro

BA- Roger Williams University; MA of Liberal Arts in American Studies UMASS; Boston M.A.T. Tufts University

Mr. DiPietro became official at SHS in 2013, but has been in the district working with students fromKk-12 since 2010. He teaches 9th grade U.S. History I and is part of the 9th grade cluster program at Somerville High School. Growing up in Lexington Massachusetts Mr. DiPietro was surrounded by history and was always fascinated with the study of it. He is particularly interested in reading, teaching, and writing about American popular culture. In class he likes to use as much popular and visual culture with his students as possible. When he is not teaching he enjoys reading, running, cooking, eating, and the beach. He also is a lifelong reader of comic books (mostly the DCU), fantasy, and other nerdy fanboy things.



Portrait of staff member Sarah Eustis

Sarah Eustis

B.A. in History, Tufts University; M.A.T., Tufts University

Ms. Eustis came to SHS in 2013 and currently teaches US History II and Facing History and Ourselves. As an undergraduate at Tufts she studied mostly European and African history and is particularly interested in the varied legacies of European colonialism. She spent a a semester at Crafts School practicing wheel thrown pottery and dreams to one day have her own studio. Ms. Eustis was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and is still a Reds, Bengals, and Xavier basketball fan.

Portrait of staff member Christopher Glynn

Christopher J. Glynn

B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy, University of Vermont; M.A.T. in Secondary and Social Studies Education, Boston University

Mr. Glynn came to SHS in the fall of 2005, first as a paraprofessional in the Special Education Department. He joined the Social Studies Department in the fall of 2007 after completing his master's degree. He currently teaches U.S. History II, U.S. Government & Politics, and A.P. U.S. Government & Politics. In the past, he has also taught Facing History and Ourselves. In addition to teaching, Mr. Glynn is the Teacher Advisor to the Junior Statesmen of America Debate Club, which participates in exciting debate conventions in Boston, Washington D.C., and in the New York City areas. He also founded and advises the Outdoors Club at SHS. The Outdoors Club has gone on trips to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Green Mountains of Vermont, and the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Before coming to SHS, Mr. Glynn lived in Dublin, Ireland, New York City, and Tucson, Arizona, where he spent his time as a Field Archaeologist researching and digging in the dirt. When not teaching or during vacations, Mr. Glynn can be found skiing, hiking, surfing, cycling, and sailing-doing all things outdoors really. During the summer of 2010, he rode his bike from Boston to New York as part of a fundraiser for research into ALS ( Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or Lou Gerhig's Disease. He plans to ride every year until we find a cure!

Portrait of staff member Alicia Kersten

Alicia Kersten

B.A. Anthropology, Yale University; M.A.T. Tufts University

Ms. Kersten has been at SHS since 2000 and has been Department Head since 2008. She currently teaches two sections of World History. She also co-chairs the school-wide professional development committee. In 2006, Ms. Kersten won the Gilder-Lehrman Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year award, largely for her students' projects on Somerville's History. Ms. Kersten has traveled in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, and she taught in China and Hong Kong from 1995 to 1997. She currently coaches the school's Ultimate Frisbee team.

Portrait of staff member Cynthia Massillon

Cynthia Massillon

B.A. in Politics, Brandeis University; M.A. in Teaching, Brandeis University

Ms. Massillon came to Somerville High School in 2012. She has both a bachelor's and Master's degree from Brandeis University, where she was a Gates Millennium Scholar.  She is teaching US History II and AP World History.  Ms. Massillon enjoys musical theater and traveling. She has been to France, Morocco, Spain, Italy and many Caribbean countries.  She spent time in Haiti after the earthquake teaching English in one of the refugee camps.

Portrait of staff member Beth O'Connor

Beth O'Connor

B.A.,Boston College; M.A. in Education, Boston College

Ms. O'Connor is very excited to start her first year at SHS! She will be teaching World History, Street Law, and Human Behavior. Before coming to SHS, Ms. O'Connor worked at City Year, Brookline High School, and Quincy High School. This past December, she completed her Master's of Education at Boston College, where she also studied history, Latin American studies, and Hispanic literature as an undergraduate. With proficient Spanish and basic French and Portuguese language skills, she looks forward to connecting with people from all over the world in the Somerville community. Ms. O'Connor enjoys watching and playing all kinds of sports, but especially loves soccer. Originally from New York, she describes herself as a confused Yankees fan who, while remaining faithful to her New York roots, has fallen in love with Fenway Park.

Portrait of staff member Mark Quinones

Mark Quinones

B.A. in World History, Wesleyan; M.A. in Education, University of Massachusetts at Boston

Mr. Quinones has been at SHS since 2004. He currently teaches World History and Facing History, a powerful elective on the Holocaust and other genocides. Mr. Quinones is also the coach for Somerville's Academic Decathlon Team. Mr. Quinones is an avid world traveler. He has won fellowships that have taken him to Japan, China, and Korea, where he visited schools and businesses, and learned about local culture and history. Most recently, Mr. Quinones was awarded a fellowship to travel to New York City in summer 2011 to participate in a seminar conducted by the Holocaust Educators Network. When not teaching, Mr. Quinones enjoys reading, drawing, and watching scary movies. He loves Asian food, refined men's fashion, and enjoys arts and culture, especially watching live performances. When not traveling abroad, Mr. Quinones spends time in New England's small towns and beaches, and takes trips to the Mid West and to New York City to visit family.

Portrait of staff member Everett Roscoe

Everett “Jim” Roscoe

B.A. in Psychology and Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Lowell; Teaching Certificate for Social Studies and History, Fitchburg State College; M.A. in Education, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Mr. Roscoe has taught at Somerville High since 1993. Before coming to SHS, he taught for two years in Reading, Massachusetts. Mr. Roscoe currently teaches AP Psychology, Honors Psychology, and US History II. Mr. Roscoe is an accomplished coach. Mr. Roscoe has served as the football coach and has coached wrestling for over 20 years. He is also a Sunday school teacher. When not teaching or coaching, Mr. Roscoe enjoys fishing, working around the house and yard, and spending time with his family.

Portrait of staff member Adda Santos-Smith

Adda Santos-Smith

 B.A. in History, University of Massachusetts at Boston; M.Ed. in Secondary Education, University of Massachusetts at Boston

Ms. Santos-Smith has been teaching at Somerville High School since 1998. She teaches honors and standard level history classes, as well as history for English language learners. She has also taught a course on Somerville History. Ms. Santos-Smith is an immigrant from Brazil and has been in the United States for 21 years. She went to high school in Brazil and came to the United States to attend college. Ms. Santos-Smith enjoys taking photographs of landmarks, urban centers and nature. Her goal is to get more training in photography, and her dream is to have her photographs published someday.