Join an after school club

We have something for everyone!

A Cappella Club

Room 232
Advisor: Beverly Mosby
Do you enjoy singing without instrumental accompaniment? Come sing with us and share the joy of music. All students are welcome, so please join us!


Anime Club

Room 110
Advisor: Eric Semple
The Anime Club is for all students who enjoy watching and discussing one of the greatest genres of entertainment known to humankind (seriously, there's something for everyone). Regardless of whether you already like anime or have never heard of it, come join your fellow classmates as they share their favorite titles and discover new shows.


Art Club

Room 323
The Art Club members will be involved in SHS or Somerville community events relating to art such as the Somerville Arts Council. Members will have opportunities to have excursions to view art, attend guest lectures, and participate in the art-making for art competitions.


Asian Culture Club

Room 432
Advisor: Tim Te
Is the Far East far? No! It is in front of you if you have the connection. Do you want to learn how to make a Chinese scallion pancake, dumplings, Vietnamese summer rolls or Japanese sushi? Do you want to learn Chinese Yo-Yo? Do you want to learn to do origami, cutting paper, and Chinese knotting? Do you like watching Asian drama? Do you want to learn to sing a pop song in Mandarin or Japanese? Do you want to learn tai chi and Chinese brush painting or calligraphy? Do you want to explore Asia? If so, then join us!


Astronomy Club

Room 320
Advisor: Roni Teich
In the Astronomy Club students watch sci-fi movies and shows, experience stars being born and then dying in a supernova fireball, discuss the possibility of alien life and about humans exploring through space while discovering, exploring, and possibly colonizing other parts of our galaxy, and also learn about the sun, moon, and planets in our solar system by looking through a telescope during one of the star parties. Astronomy Club is out of this world!


Badminton Club

Advisor: Mark Kirwan
Badminton Club is for all students who enjoy playing badminton recreationally. It is a sport more popular worldwide than in the USA and SHS has both experienced players who have played before and new players looking to learn. There are no set days to play. We are dependent upon the gymnasium schedule and have to fit ourselves in around athletics. Ping Pong is also played as part of the club most meeting days. 



Room 270
Students interested in learning to play a wind instrument (saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, flute or tuba) and perform with the high school band are encouraged to come to the band room across from the library (room 270). Learning to play an instrument is a great way to meet people who are similar and enjoy performing music together. Instrument and lessons are provided free of charge. Wow!


Best Buddies

Room 420 or 159
Advisor: Ana Caldeira
Our SHS chapter is a member of Best Buddies International. The Best Buddies Chapter at SHS pairs students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in one-to-one friendships with high school students. Best Buddies also offers students a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills. With the support of school faculty and Best Buddies staff, students lead and direct the Best Buddies Chapter at SHS. Activities include apple-picking, baking, holiday celebrations, museum visits, Friendship Field Day, a Celtics game, a dinner banquet, and more!


Broadcast Club

Tuesdays at 3:00 in room 314
This club will take on the challenge of filming, editing, and producing timely and amazing video recaps of as many of the awesome concerts, assemblies, fairs, and other events taking place here at SHS as possible.


Career Launch

Room TBD
A club dedicated to career and work readiness. You can discover careers you may be interested in, earn a job readiness certificate of completion (great for your resume!), and learn about opportunities with local professionals like internships, job shadowing, networking, or mentoring. To sign up or learn more, contact Barbara Maglio.


Chess Club

Fridays from 2:45-4:15 in room 409
Advisors: Michael Morgan
Players of all levels from grand masters to novices are invited and welcomed. Come and hone your game or learn how to play: play a little
or play a lot. The club also explores other games of strategy and skill from time to time as interest and curiosity dictate. Due, to the nature of some games of skill the diehard players often stay late but usually we end around five PM. It’s your move.


Chorus Club 

Room 232
Advisor: Beverly Mosby
If you are an Orchestra or Band student who loves to sing, then sign up for the Chorus Club. Members will learn the same music as the class and perform with the chorus. Club members also travel with the chorus to festivals and competitions. In past years, the chorus and club members have participated in competitions in Washington, DC and Nashville, TN. Who knows where they will go next!


Class Advisory

Meetings vary for each class. Please listen to announcements.
Class of 2020 Advisor: Matthew Koslowsky
Class of 2019 Advisor: Jessica Yarmosky
Class of 2018 Advisor: Meaghan McDevitt
Class of 2017 Advisor: Kevin Dua
Fridays, 7:15 in Room 345 (Regular attendance is required.) The Class of 2017 Committee fosters leadership, social interaction, and school pride for the class and the entire student body. Opened to all current seniors interested in committing to supporting any ideas, volunteer projects, fundraisers, and school wide initiatives this year.


Coding Club

Fridays in room 410
Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps, video games, robots, and websites. Your web browser, your operating system, the apps on your phone, Facebook – they’re all made with code. The new Coding Club is a great way to explore all things programming -- learn common programming language, improve your programming skills, create your own apps, and more. The club will be project-based and student-driven. Learning coding empowers you to do many things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do; come help get this new club started!


Color Guard

Advisor: TBD
The season runs from Sept. – Thanksgiving and for one week in May.
The SHS Color Guard is a group of students that prepares movement using flags and dance. They perform with the Band at football games, Homecoming, the Pep Rally, and parades, which means free admission and the best "seats" in the house at all of these events!  No previous experience is needed to join.


Community Service Club

Room 257
The Community Service Club hopes to improve the school, community, and state in which we live through positive interaction with the people and environment around us. Whether you want to get some experience working in a field you're interested in, want ideas of how you can be helpful to the community, or just need something to do after school with your friends - the community service club is for you!  Whether you are a leader or a follower, have lots of free time or almost none at all, love working indoors or outside, we can help you find meaningful community service opportunities! 


Culture Committee

The Culture Committee assesses school culture through Voice surveys and conducts student-led focus groups for students. It then works to improve conditions for student learning based on that information. Responsibilities include coordinating student focus groups based on the survey data, writing the student focus group report of themes and findings based on the survey, and using that information to create goals and corresponding action plans to improve the school culture. Come to the place where student and staff voice lead to a commitment to action! See Ms. Alter or Mr. Macrchetti for details.


Debate Team

Room 355
Advisor: Sneha Walia
The Somerville High School Debate Team is an exciting new club that lets students make their voices heard. Members will train in Public Forum Debate and compete at tournaments against students from across the state, country, and even around the world. This club is a great way to practice public speaking, develop language skills and vocabulary, and learn about current events, all with the help of a supportive team. Plus, you'll never lose another argument again!



Advisor: Deb Allen
DECA is a national organization of marketing students. Any student previously or currently enrolled in marketing education, accounting, personal finance, or business law can join. DECA students compete at district, state, and national levels. These students also operate the school store and have fundraisers throughout the year.


Drama Club

Room 114 (There will be more frequent meetings as drama festival approaches.)
Advisor: Nina Yamkovoy
For students who enjoy theatre or film, this club offers the chance to participate in a play that competes in the annual MA Educational Theatre Guild’s statewide festival in early March. Potential actors, directors, writers and technical artists (set designers, stage managers, lighting technicians, costume designers, etc.) may join at any time. Members also participate in theatre games, improvisations, scene writing, and theater and film audition workshops. Local field trips to live performances, outside classes, outside film and theatre auditions and other opportunities are also provided to members. No prior experience required; all students are welcome.


Drum Line (World Percussion)

Room 270 (across from the school library)
Drumline is an ensemble of marching percussion instruments. We meet every Monday from 2:45-4pm. The Drumline plays in conjunction with the band as well as by itself in drum features called cadences. Drum Line is a great way to increase your rhythm and meet new friends.


Engineering Minority Outreach Club

Sponsored by MIT Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Room 207
Students in the Engineering Minority Outreach Club will explore engineering and related fields through fun hands-on challenges, and receive mentoring and tutoring from MIT students in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. This club aims to increase interest and achievement in STEM fields by Latino/a and Black students. 


Fashion Club

Room 324
Advisor: May Chau
Do you love Project Runway or enjoy drawing concept wear? This club is for the fashionista, the creative designer and all those in between. You will be able to participate in creating news segments for the Villen Fashion Beat as well as contributing to the Villen Fashion Beat Blog in The Piper. Anyone interesting in sewing is welcome to bring supplies for their projects to club or you will be able to create your fashion masterpieces in various materials local and state shows.


First Robotics

Room 280 on Thursdays, and every day during the build season (January and February)
FIRST™, an acronym for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology,” is an international robotics competition that brings together teams of high school students to design, build, program, and test a robot that will compete in a team sport event. Students receive a hands-on, minds-on experience working with real engineers to learn and develop many new skills: not only engineering and design skills, but also leadership, business, public speaking, coaching, and communication skills.


French Club

Listen to announcements for details. room 457
Advisor: Naima Sait
The French Club promotes interest in learning about the cultures of francophone countries. We celebrate many customs and traditions of the French-speaking world. Activities include films, games, cooking demonstrations, outings to restaurants, and more!


Future Chefs’ Club

In Culinary Arts
Advisor:Jeff Stuart
This club is for students with an interest in food, cooking, baking, and healthy eating. Students are introduced to kitchen safety, basic cooking skills, and foodservice terminology. Weekly meetings will include recipe production, guest chef demonstrations, field trips, and healthy food fundraising events. Senior club members who qualify will compete in cook-offs and vie for scholarships and employment opportunities.


Gay/Straight and Gender/Sexuality Awareness Alliance (GSA)

Room 337
Advisor: Julia Post
This is a group whose goals are to stop hatred, increase respect for diversity, and educate other students and the community about LGBTQ+ issues. Sometimes we use glitter! We aren’t just about being gay; we are about meeting new people and making friends. We have interesting discussions, watch movies, play games, eat snacks, and more!  All are welcome.


Gospel Choir Club   

Room 232
Advisor: Beverly Mosby
Like singing Gospel Music? Then come join us. Gospel Choir Club is designed for those students who wish to explore the rich diversity of Gospel Music. Students will sing traditional to contemporary gospel music styles. The Gospel Choir Club will perform throughout the school year.


Green Club

Mondays in room 425
Advisor: Peg Huben
Interested in making the school, community, and world a more environmentally-friendly place? Want to learn about gardening and recycling? The Somerville High Green Club is a group focused on making Somerville High and the community a more environmentally friendly place through education and action. At our meetings, we participate in activities to educate ourselves about environmental problems as well as planning events and programs to educate others and make change. Our club has also brought cafeteria recycling to the high school and will be focusing on getting 100% recycling at every lunch. We have a garden in the front of the school where we grow vegetables and herbs. Come join our fun and successful group!!


Haitian Club

Room 343
This club provides an opportunity for Haitian students and/or those interested in Haitian culture to meet, share ideas, and celebrate Haitian culture.


Health and Fitness Seminar (Fitness Club)

Advisor (semester 1) – Mark Kirwan
Advisor (semester2) – Janet Flynn Develop your individual workout plan or join with a friend to burn some calories and get in shape. All the cardiovascular, strength and flexibility equipment is available to use. The tentative days planned are Monday and Thursday, 2:45 to 4:45. Listen to announcements for details.


Italian Club

Room 450
The objective of The Italian Club will be to deepen our students’ knowledge in various fields of the Italian culture such as cinema, literature, cuisine, music, and art. It will also give an opportunity to students not taking Italian to become aquatinted with the Italian language.


Junior Statesman Club (JSA)

Room 429
Advisor: Chris Angelli
This group meets to discuss current political and social topics and goes on out-of-state trips to meet with students from other JSA chapters and engage in competition debates. 


Literature and Art Magazine: "Visions"

Room 250
Advisor: Meagan Delury
The Literature and Art Magazine needs students to submit creative pieces (stories, art, poetry, photography, etc). These submissions can be emailed to Ms. Delury at any time or dropped off in room 250. We can print with or without your name, so don't be shy! Also, the club needs students to help select, edit, format, and distribute the magazine. We meet regularly to go through submissions, edit, vote and layout the look of the magazine.


Local History Club

Room 350
Advisor: Adda Santos
The Local History Club is dedicated to celebrating the rich history of Somerville. The club will be for students who want to learn more about Somerville's history through re-enactments and who will participate in city wide activities such as marching in the Memorial Day Parade, being part of Patriots Day, Ghosts of Somerville, etc. As re-enactors, students could pick a person whose life story is associated with Somerville and they would use that background to reenact and dress up like that character, learning more about that historical period. It is a great and creative way to participate in helping Somerville’s community events become more festive and creative.


Magic Club

Fridays in room 409
Do you want to be blown away by some awesome magic tricks? Or maybe you want to join the ranks of SHS’ magicians and learn how to do magic? Either way, Magic Club is for you! We do it all, from card tricks to coin tricks and everything in between. If you decide to learn some magic tricks, then join us for the MathMagical event, a collaboration with the Math Club where we go to elementary schools and teach math in a magical way. We welcome any skill level and are more than happy to teach any type of magic trick. Regardless of whether you want to see magic or learn it, join the Magic Club today!


Math Club

This club provides an opportunity for students of all abilities to solve challenging problems (at their level) in a fun and competitive atmosphere while making friends and participating in team-building activities. The math club also hosts four meets for elementary school students in which club members run the meet, award points, and announce the winners. The club meets once a month in room 412 to explore interesting topics not usually seen in a math class.


The Musical (Auditions required for some roles)

Listen to announcements for details.
If you like to sing, act, or dance, then this is the group for you. Auditions are required for all lead roles, but all students who want to participate will be afforded a role in the ensemble cast and/or technical crew, even without completing the audition process. Students interested in set design and painting are also encouraged to participate. The curtain goes up in February; a commitment to rehearsals and performances is required.


Newcomers’ Club

Room 455
Advisor: Ana Nogueira
This club helps English language learners to participate in different school activities. We meet people from different cultures. We attend school events and sports games. We work together with other student clubs. We make study groups. We make English conversation groups. We make native language conversation groups.


Nutrition Club

Tuesdays from 7:00-7:45 in room 310 (Times may vary.)
Advisor: Evelyn Gibson
Did you know that you could choose to be more alert, have extra energy, improve your hair, skin and nails and feel better about yourself and those around you? You can; if, you eat the right foods! The Nutrition Club knows that one size does not fit all. Based on short-term and long-term goals for ourselves and focuses within the community, our club talks about, learns about, experiments with and educates others in all matters related to food. Whether you already have a passion for healthy eating or you want to become more knowledgeable about good habits and avoiding hindrances, the Nutrition Club is for you.


Outdoor Activities Club

Room 329
Whether you prefer a quiet walk in the woods, or want to try something more adventurous like skiing or rock climbing, the Outdoor Activities Group provides students with a wide range of recreational and outdoor activities at some of New England’s finest venues. It is a chance to hang out with friends and try new things in a safe and healthy environment.


Portuguese/Brazilian Club

Room 447
Open to all students 9-12 (Students do not have to be of Portuguese/Brazilian descent or be taking Portuguese in school). It is a student- centered club that celebrates Portuguese/Brazilian heritage and culture and promotes interest of the Portuguese language. It also provides students with hands-on opportunities to explore and enjoy Portuguese language and culture. Activities such as Brazilian films, cooking lessons with Culinary Club, music, dance, art, and history will allow students a chance to connect in a diverse and casual environment.



PSAT and SAT Preparatory Instruction

Room 205
Advisor: Chris Reidy
This preparatory instruction course will familiarize students with the types of questions featured on these tests. Test question analysis will help improve student time and comfort during the test. Students will also take diagnostic tests to target students' areas of weakness on the diagnostic test. Instruction will be geared toward improving student scores. There will also be some focus on the Accuplacer test.


School Newspaper

Meets as needed leading up to publication, usually in the morning.
With the approval of the newspaper advisor, students may elect journalism during any year. Students are responsible for publication of The Piper. Students who do not elect journalism are also welcome to join the newspaper staff as an extracurricular activity.


Science League

2-3 Tuesdays a month in room 435, with meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from October – April.
Advisor: Mike Maloney
This group competes against about 30 North Shore schools, ranging from Cambridge to some from the state of Maine. There are lab events, building events, surprise building events, and paper and pen events. For more information, please visit


Student Immigrant Movement (SIM)

Non-teacher meeting Wednesdays
Advisor: Jamal Halawa
Because immigrant students face particular difficulties, this group will work to support those students by sharing information about college access and future success. Students in this club will participate in actions that expand immigrant rights and earn credit for community service. This club will work in solidarity with other communities such as the LGBTQ+ community and the African-American community. Anyone who supports the cause of immigrant rights or who faces the difficulties of being an immigrant is welcome to join this club.


Somerville Positive Forces 100 (SPF100)

Youth Leading Positive Change *** Apply Today!  SPF100 empowers teens to lead positive social change in the community through exciting campaigns, videos and events.  We meet every Thursday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm, plus 2-4 hours per month for project planning and events. We are looking for energetic youth leaders to serve as drug and alcohol-free role models and work as part of a team to address issues impacting teens including drug/alcohol use and related problems like depression and bullying. Youth leaders earn 80 volunteer hours for their participation and a $100 monthly stipend. Pick up an application at the SHS Club Fair or the Main Public Library Teen Room. This is a community-based youth group supported by Somerville Cares About Prevention (SCAP).  For more information, please contact: Lovelee Heller, SCAP Program Director or call 617-625-6600 x4322. 


South Korean Club

Room 112 (Day and time may vary.)
Advisor: Dana Lee
The South Korean Club is an after school group that meets weekly and is open to the entire SHS student body. You do not have to be South Korean to join the club! Together we will discover South Korea’s culture and language through k-dramas, k-pop, k-shows, and much more. We’ll learn how to speak, read, and write some basic Korean. We’ll even learn some history behind Korea as a whole nation, including North Korea.


Spanish Club

Thursdays in room 154
Advisor: Vanina Brown
Open to all students 9-12 (member does not have to be of Hispanic descent or be taking Spanish in school). It is a student- centered club that celebrates Hispanic heritage and culture and promotes interest of the Spanish language. It also provides students with hands-on opportunities to explore and enjoy Spanish language and culture. Activities such as Spanish films, authentic food, music, dance, art, and history will allow students a chance to connect in a diverse and casual environment.


Street Holler Band

Thursdays, room TBD
This is an alternative performance ensemble for singers and any instrumentalists. Must be FUNKY. 


Student Council

Thursday mornings in room 329
Advisor: Chris Glynn
Student Council is a student-led group that involves its members in meaningful decision-making and action in and around the school. This representative body, whose leaders are chosen by their classmates, also organizes activities such as the rally and student government day. It is also responsible for holding all elections that take place during the school year, and it advises school administration on important matters affecting students.


Study Buddies

Room 432
Study Buddies is a club that counts as community service.  The club is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Club members will go to the East Somerville Community School to tutor 4th and 5th grade students.  The club will meet on Mondays in the ESCS cafeteria from 2:45-3:45 PM.  From 2:45-3:30 PM, study buddies will study together. From 3:30-3:45 PM, club members will have time to play games to get to know their buddy.


Table-Top Games Club

Room 435
Advisor: Mike Maloney
This Club meets on most Mondays (and other random days) after school. Students enhance their critical thinking by playing a variety of table-top games that include classic games as well as newer independent games, storytelling games, and strategy games. All levels of players are welcome.


Teen Health Advisory

Mondays in room 347
This is a group for all students who are interested in health issues, activism, and fun! At weekly meetings we talk about important health issues such as dating violence, pregnancy prevention, HIV and STIs, relationships, smoking, and much more. We’ll have presentations, field trips, information tables, and other ways to make your voice heard.


Trivia Team

Room 435
Advisor: Mike Maloney
This club is a mix of laid-back games and serious competition, including friendly games of Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, Bananagrams, Boggle, and Apples to Apples. We also compete against other schools in events such as WGBH High School Quiz Show, the Knowledge Master Open and WorldBoston’s Academic WorldQuest. Last year, we finished second in the North Shore College Bowl, a monthly trivia competition against other high schools. Whether you want match wits with the sharpest students in Massachusetts or if you just want to come play a friendly game, the Trivia Club is the choice for you. 


Ultimate Frisbee

In the fall, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:30 at Nunziato Field
In the spring, 4-5 days of practice and games per week, some weekend tournaments
Boys’ Coach: Carlos Contreras room 305
Girls’ Coach:  Beth O’Connor
GM:  Alicia Kersten, room 340
Also known as Villen Ultimate, this team plays the exciting, fast, and fun sport of Ultimate Frisbee in the fall and in the spring. New players are very welcome and no experience is necessary; the fall season is devoted to teaching skills and the sport, especially to new players. In the spring, the team competes against other schools and in weekend tournaments. There are both boys’ and a girls’ teams, at both varsity and JV levels. 


Women’s Empowerment Group

Room 343
Women's Empowerment Group (W.E) is a student-run organization that is open to anyone who identifies herself as a young woman. Its goals are to empower girls for personal and social transformation, inspire girls to have a voice, build the ability and problem-solving capacity to speak up, be decision makers, create visionary change, and realize their full potential. There will be weekly meetings, during which young women will discuss their week, issues pertaining their personal lives, and issues facing women at large. The meetings will not be solely based on the issues, but on ways to solve them. We seek to address the very heart of issues confronting girls: increasing confidence in their own voice, developing life skills, and improving the ability to identify paths and resources within their communities that can contribute to positive changes. This extra-curricular activity will teach SHS young women to become active leaders engaged in their neighborhoods and in their nation. We will forge bonds with active female role models within the community, engage in seminars centered on women empowerment, and become role models ourselves for the younger girls in Somerville Public Schools and the community.



Room 297
Advisor: Nelia Braga
The Yearbook staff is responsible for creating the Somerville High School Yearbook every year. This includes graphic design of pages, fundraising, organization of photography, sales of senior clothing, and creation of a multi-media DVD that is shipped as a summer supplement.