Winter Hill School Governing Board

The Winter Hill Community School was approved as the Somerville Public Schools' first Innovation School in June 2012, effective the 2012-2013 school year.  As part of its Innovation School status, Winter Hill established a Governing Board to help guide school operations. Unique in the Somerville district, Winter Hill operates with a higher level of autonomy than other schools. We develop and innovate our guiding school principals through the WHCIS Governing Board, made up of staff, teachers, parents and guardians.

School Improvement Plan

2018-2020 Winter Hill Community Innovation School Improvement Plan

2016-2018 Winter Hill Community Innovation School Improvement Plan

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2018

Meeting Minutes - October 9, 2018

Governing Board Members

Chad Mazza, Principal 

Courtney Gosselin, Asst. Principal

Kenya Alfaro, Community

Amanda Bell, Teacher  

Heidi Castro, Parent

Mary Lou Carey-Sturniolo, Community   

Matt Collins, Teacher

Deb Dixon, Teacher  

Evan McAlear, Teacher

Jen Miller, Community  

Amanda Montero, Teacher

Amanda Payette

Nick Robertson

Maura Vogel, Parent

Amy Wagner, Parent