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Spectator Code of Conduct

The Somerville Public Schools and the Greater Boston League are committed to promoting good sportsmanship, and developing and maintaining a safe and health environment for competition. We believe the opportunity to represent a school is a privilege, which is accompanied by the responsibility to act with dignity, integrity and respect at all times.

Individuals associated with a (league) member institution are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that represents the highest level of honor, and to observe the tenets of good sportsmanship: honesty, fairness, dignity, civility, and respect. Somerville leads the way in ensuring sporting events are safe and enthusiastic! Give honor and respect to student-athletes, coaches, officials, families, and fans by:

  • Appreciating outstanding plays by all teams and athletes
  • Supporting decisions by coaches and officials
  • Showing you are a role model on the field and in the stands
  • Using only positive language and gestures
  • Removing your hat and remaining standing for the entire National Anthem
  • Entering and exiting safely
  • Not doing YOUR part to ASSURE Somerville athletic events are safe and positive may result in being told to leave or being banned from all sporting events



Northeastern Conference Champions

Football Central Champions

Boys Soccer North Champions

Boys Basketball South Champions

Boys Indoor Track and Field South Champions

Boys Outdoor Track and Field South Champions

Girls Outdoor Track and Field South Champions


Somerville's League All-Conference/All-Stars* 2017-2018

Boys Cross Country- Ronan Fitzgerald ‘20*, Phillips Magre ‘18 *

Girls Cross Country - YuYing Chen '18*

Football - Elijah Jeffreys'18, Jio Pierre '18, Marcus Thomas '18, Quency Bocage '18*

Golf - Dylan Quaratiello '18, Aiden O'Donovan '22

Boys Soccer - Josh Machado '19, Fernando Guerra '19, Paulo Sergio Fihlo '18, Oliver Clarke '20*, Benjamin Lopez '20*, Milton Castro '19*

Girls Soccer - Carla DaSilva '18*

Volleyball - Sylvia Hover '18, Samantha Fitzgerald 18*, Nevalee Hawkins '20*

Boys Basketball— Lucas Saint Jean '18, Tyler Whitney Sidney '20*, John Kalton '18*

Girls Basketball—Melina Pimentel’18*, Destiny Augustin '18*

Boys Ice Hockey– Chris DeSousa '19*, Austin Pacheo '20*, Jeremy Procter '19*

Boys Indoor Track and Field—Elijah Jeffreys '18, Marcus Thomas '18, Phillips Magre '18, Robert McCarthy '19, Ronan Fitzgerald 19*, Jackson Anderson '20*

Girls Indoor Track and Field—Jackie Eloi '18, Youdine Felix '18, Kentra Greene '20, Nia McLean '19, Kemissa Osit '20

Swim—Tim Labounko '20, Tenzin Nordon '18*

Baseball - Justin Schofield '18 *

Softball - Nevalee Hawkins '20*

Boys Tennis - Rezka Yuspi '19, Henry Zou'19*, Ricardo Mariscal '18*

Girls Tennis - Zoya Pilipovic '18*

Boys Outdoor Track and Field-Phillips Magre '18, Jackson Anderson '19, Marcus Thomas'18, Moise Nazaire '19, Wady Jimenez Santana '20, Elijah Jeffreys'18, Jiovanny Pierre '18, Robert McCarthy '19, Ronan Fitzgerald '20*, 

Girls Outdoor Track and Field- Laura Clervil '19*, Fiona Borondy - Jenkins '18*, Emily Childs '20, Youdine Felix '18, Kentra Greene '20, Kemissa Osit '19

Boys Volleyball- Emerson Klemz '18, Ethan Huffman '18, Tenzin Lhundup '18


Other Accolades

Northeastern Conference Player of the Year, Eastern MA Soccer All Star, All State All- Star, NSCAA All- New England, Boston Globe All-Scholastic, Boston Herald All - Scholastic - Josh Machado '19 - Boys Soccer

Northeastern Conference Player of the Year, Boston Globe All- Scholastic - Elijah Jeffreys '18 - Football

New England Patriots Coach of the Week - Makonnen Fenton

1,000 Point Club - Boys Basketball - Lucas Saint Jean '18, Career total: 1,087

Northeastern Conference Indoor/Outdoor Runner of the Year, Boston Herald All - Scholastic, DII Champion 300m, High Jump, All -State Champion 300m, New England Champion 300m- Phillips Magre '18

Northeastern Conference Coach of the Year Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field - Dave Dickerson

Northeastern Conference Sportsmanship Award - Baseball 2018


Somerville League All-Stars 2016-2017

Boys Cross Country- Ronan Fitzgerald ‘20, Phillips Magre ‘18

Girls Cross Country - Alice Egar ‘17

Football - Christopher David '17, Elijah Jeffreys '18, Shaquille, Joseph '17, Jio Pierre '18

Golf - Dylan Quaratiello '18, Kyle Roche '17, Ryan Vogel '18

Boys Soccer - Mathew Abrantes '17, Luis Mendez '17, Paulo Sergio Pereira Filho '18, Spencer Pitkin '17, Luke Spearing '17

Girls Soccer - Jennifer Bermudez '17, Shannon Higgins '17, Samantha Fillmore '17

Volleyball - Emily O'Regan '17

Boys Basketball—Shaquille Joseph ‘17, Lucas Saint Jean’16,  Craig Thomson ‘17

Girls Basketball—Melina Pimentel’18

Boys Ice Hockey– Kyle Lentini ‘17, Matt McPhearson’17

Girls Ice Hockey—Shannon Higgins ‘17

Boys Indoor Track and Field—Matheus Bragatto ‘18, LeDondy Francois ‘17, Ronan Fitzgerald’19, Henry Hover ‘17, Elijah Jeffreys ‘18, Phillips Magre ’18,  Imler Ozit ’17,  Marcus Thomas’18 , Pierrelens Rene ‘17, Gautier Victor ‘20

Girls Indoor Track and Field—Fiona Borondy-Jenkins, Alice Egar, Jackie Eloi, Youdine Felix, Kemissa Osit

Swim—Luis Angel ‘18, Shivani Bansal, Chole Beaton ‘21, Andrew Churchill ’17, Orion Collins ’17, Jaren Gorman’21 Sumandeep Kaur ’18 Tim Labounko ‘20, Flavia Martins ’17 Thiago Nunes ‘20

Baseball– Kevin Camara '18

Softball- Emily Liberato '17

Boys Tennis- Rezka Yuspi '19, Jalen George '18

Girls Tennis - Zoya Pilipovic '18, Ashley Valle '19

Boys Outdoor Track and Field- Elijah Jeffreys'18, Shaquille Joseph '17, Phillips Magre '18, Marcus Thomas '18, Jio Pierre '18, LeDondy Francios '17, Kalin Toussaint '17. Second Team: Henry Hover, Imler Ozit, Nick DaSilva

Girls Outdoor Track and Field- Second Team: Youdine Felix, Kentra Greene

Other Accolades

Greater Boston League Most Valuable Player— Mathew Abrantes ‘17 Boys Soccer

Eastern Massachusetts Soccer All-Star  - Mathew Abrantes'17, Paulo Sergio Pereira Filho ‘18

Division I MIAA Sportsmanship Team Award—Boys Soccer

MIAA Boston Bruins Sportsmanship Award—Kyle Lentini ‘17

D2 State Champion High Jump—Indoor Track and Field—Phillips Magre ’18

Massachusetts Basketball Association All-Star—Craig Thomson’17

D1 State Champion High Jump - Phillips Magre '18, 400M Phillips Magre '18, Triple Jump  LeDondy Francios '17

NEC Boys Track and Field Coach of the Year - David Dickerson


Focus on Athletics

The Somerville Public Schools Athletic Program intends to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to develop and display their talents through competition. All student-athletes place the highest priority on the quality of education and the successful completion of academic programs. Athletics are conducted as an integral component of the overall educational experience; with the goal of having student-athletes strive to reach their potential and give their best.

Somerville High School is a member of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and competes in the Greater Boston League. Students who meet all MIAA requirements and are in good academic standing at Somerville High School and Next Wave/Full Circle Alternative School are eligible to participate. For more information on eligibility go to: Students must have a current physical on file to participate in sport.  A copy of the physical must be handed into the athletic training office. Registration for particpation can be found under the sport links.

Athletics Director: Nicole Viele 

Assistant Athletic Director: Dan Curran

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